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Backyard Beginnings

Pit Dreams

“The smell coming off the grill should be

bottled and sold as perfume.”

Tim grew up on an apple orchard in Sebastopol.   With a hearty supply of applewood, he began experimenting with smoking meats.  As his passion for cooking grew, he completed culinary school and cooked at some of the best restaurants in Sonoma County for over 13 years.


Tim left cooking to finish his education and work in the energy field.  But in the summer of 2014 he decided to follow his dream of mastering the pit and feeding people mouth-watering food.  There's still something about the way people gather around the grill, the smell and sizzle.  If you can make a living doing that, life is good. 


His barbeque has its roots in tradition, but is also unafraid of going outside the barbeque ‘comfort zone’ to incorporate bold and different flavors.  From home-made sausage, to Portobello mushrooms, cheese and ribs, Tim claims that almost everything can benefit from a little smoke.  His approach is simple:  start with a great rub, slow smoke for hours, finish on the grill and make people happy.  Perfect blends of sticky, sweet, salt and spice, it’s authentic, casual, and comfort on a plate.

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